Lyngdorf Audio SDA2400 Power Amplifier


The versatile SDA-2400 digital stereo power amplifier features both analog and digital inputs and optional rack mounts, as well as a range of novel features to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications.

The SDA-2400 includes both traditional balanced and single-ended analog inputs in addition to digital inputs to cover any need. This power amplifier can function in a traditional stereo and multichannel setup—but also as a powerful addition to single standing media players and streaming devices with integrated volume control.

The inputs are based upon the Wolfson WM8804 PLL Transceiver for excellent dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter.

​The SDA-2400 has no on/off button. It will automatically go into stand-by mode when not in use. When a signal is detected, the amplifier will turn on automatically.

If your connected device has a 12V trigger output, you can set the amplifier to be always on; then, with the trigger, you can control the power state of the SDA-2400, and even daisy-chain several SDA-2400 amplifiers.

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