Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 Digital Amplifier


The Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 true digital integrated amplifier with RoomPerfect™ is designed to work with any loudspeakers, regardless of size, shape, brand,  passive or active the TDAI-2170 will get the best from them,  providing a breakthrough in the quality and consistency of sound production.

The weakest link in any quality stereo system is the acoustics of the room.

No matter the room or speakers used RoomPerfect™ allows you to quickly and precisely tailor them to the listening room.  The world’s only 3 dimensional room correction system RoomPerfect™ drastically reduce room errors from a typical 15-20dB to less than 2dB.

When you combine speakers with the use of single or dual active subwoofers it will create the very best full range system, that can dive to the lowest depths found in any music genre and with RoomPerfect™ employed,  giving the perfect crossover blend between speakers and subwoofer(s).

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