Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS In Wall Speakers


The best-in-class In-Wall Series speakers are specifically designed to be placed behind acoustically transparent screens, fabric panels, and metal mesh grills. With invisible presence, the In-Wall series offers exceptional performance, versatility, and unbeatable appeal.

With a larger cabinet size than Steinway’s equivalent in-room speakers, combined with highly efficient drivers, the IW-15, IW-16, IW-26H and IW-26V In-Wall Series speakers have an overall increased sensitivity, allowing for improved dynamic headroom and sound pressure level (SPL) while using less power.

The IC-26 in-ceiling and in-wall height speaker is the perfect choice for immersive sound formats, as its angled design allows for optimum coverage of the entire listening area. It is designed for perfect performance when placed inside a wall or ceiling.

Designed for use as a front speaker in medium and large high-performance home theaters, the IW-66 is a grand performer. It combines striking power with advanced technologies to ensure the most stunning sound experience possible in medium and large home theaters. It perfectly bridges the gap between our regular in-wall speakers and our legendary line source speakers.

A stunningly powerful surround sound system can be built by combining the In-Wall speakers with Model LS boundary woofers. These provide a fully encompassing experience; because of their recommended installation position, direct sound and reflections from the environment arrive at the listening point at exactly the same time. This added efficiency allows you to play back your audio at higher levels without any distortion.

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