“Performance Is Our Promise”

The Danish Audio Company was founded in 2014 by Steve Webber after 13 years working in the Audio Visual industry and is the Kent’s Number one dealer supplying the finest audio brands from Denmark, specialising in digital audio systems that deliver the highest musical quality replay available, having spent 6 years working as part of the distribution team in the U.K for Steinway Lyngdorf, Lyngdorf Audio and being trained by the best in the industry puts us in a wonderful position when it comes to designing, supplying and installing these exquisite brands.

Our passion for music, movies and high-end audio led us to where we are today and it is with the continued support from the Manufacturers that we supply makes us a good choice when seeking the very Best Audio Performance.

Why Danish Audio?

Our ethos is to provide unparalleled audio performance for each client using our in-depth knowledge of the brands that we regularly supply. Regardless of budget, Danish Audio Company can provide bespoke systems, carefully chosen to meet the exacting requirements of every individual client.

We offer fully-digital systems from Steinway Lyngdorf and Lyngdorf Audio with RoomPerfect digital room correction. All our audio systems offer class leading stellar performances, measurably better than any of the alternatives……..’Performance has always been our promise’

We also have private access to the UK’s finest Steinway Lyngdorf demonstration Suite and listening rooms, where it is possible to hear the very best audio systems from both Steinway Lyngdorf & Lyngdorf Audio.

We are proud Partners with The Watch Barn by Chrono24, where we have placed a Steinway Lyngdorf Model O stereo as an alternative location to Experience the Very Best in Luxury Products.

If you are ready to discover your next entertainment system with a personal touch – why not give us a call…….