Steinway Lyngdorf Model B System

This full range loudspeaker is designed for creating the holographic stereo reproduction of the Steinway & Sons Model D speakers through use of the dipole speaker concept – all in a smaller package. The Steinway & Sons Model B not only looks powerful with its impressive line-up of drivers, but together with the digital crossover and true quad-amplification of the 4 x 400-watt digital amplifier, Steinway & Sons Model A2, the resulting sound reproduction is nothing short of stunning.

A dipole speaker requires a large front area to separate the front and rear radiation of low frequency sound. In the Model B, the sides are elegantly folded back to add to the acoustic width of the speaker. Furthermore, the six pieces of woofer add up to an extremely large radiating surface capable of producing a linear output down to 25 Hz.

The six bass drivers are tightly packed in a push-pull configuration, which eliminates the nonlinearities of inward and outward movements in the drivers and, together with the extremely effective midrange driver and tweeter, the dynamic performance of this dipole speaker is surpassed only by the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D.

The tweeter is the renowned Air Motion Transformer, which is used in all Steinway Lyngdorf speakers and features a moving surface four times bigger than a normal tweeter. The resulting resolution and stress-free movement ensures the correct reproduction of all overtones of the instruments playing.

For the midrange driver, we selected the unit from the Steinway & Sons Model S speaker, as its neodymium magnet and the aluminum cone is a perfect engine for creating an exact copy of the recorded voice or instrument.

With tweeter, midrange, and woofers individually adjusted and controlled by the four-way amplifier, it is possible to perfect the frequency response and time domain of each component, and the overall performance will take your breath away.

The relatively small footprint and dipole construction allows for the Steinway & Sons Model B to be positioned quite freely in the room. The distance to the rear wall should not be less than one meter for optimal sound reproduction, and the speakers should have a small toe-in stance to enjoy the full effects of the reflecting sound.

A dipole speaker generally works with the room acoustics, unlike normal box speakers, and if the room and decor is not completely symmetrical around the speakers, RoomPerfect™ will clean up the negative effects to the sound.

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model B is an engineering piece of art and an integral member of the impressive line-up of Steinway & Sons labelled speakers.

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