While most in wall speakers are an inferior alternative to the in-room speaker, superb sound quality can be achieved with the correct choice of in wall speakers.

Where sound quality is critical such as the best mastering rooms, the monitors are built into the walls to minimise rear reflections from the speakers compromising quality. Our systems are designed in the same way but with compact in wall speakers that provide the exact same performance as the in-room loudspeakers used by leading Hollywood studios.

When partnered with a subwoofer and correctly calibrated the result is higher performance sound than can be achieved with in room loudspeakers.

Here are two of our suggested music systems both of which will provide true full range sound down to 20Hz and accurate reproduction in the listening room, something not possible with conventional audio systems.

Stereo House System 1

Lyngdorf TDAi2170​​​ – £2,800

MK IW950 speakers x2 – £1,600

MK X10 subwoofer​​​ – £2,600

Total Retail inc VAT – £7,000


Stereo House System 2

Lyngdorf TDAi3400​​​ – £4,995

MK IW300 speakers x2 – £4,600

MK X12 subwoofer​ – ​​£3,200

Total Retail inc VAT​​​ – £12,795

The second system will play far louder than similarly priced music systems and incorporates a Media player so you can easily enjoy music from phones etc. at the best with control with an excellent free App.

We challenge you top find any music system that provide this quality of sound at the price. Set up and perfect integration between the sub and speakers is quick and easy with RoomPerfect.