The MXA-8400 is the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio ever, and it will challenge the capacity of your mains power supply with its peak output of no less than 3.2 KW. It is more than just another high-end amplifier – it is a shift in amplifier paradigms through its novel use of negative feedback (NFB).


The output section of the MXA-8400 is a completely new electrical Lyngdorf Audio design based on the optimal use of NFB in audio amplifiers. NFB is an arrangement in which an amplifier is made to respond to a fraction of its own output signal in opposite phase in addition to the normal input signal. It effectively reduces distortion and increases linearity.The MXA-8400 is breaking new ground, as its outstanding sonic qualities are achieved through the use of a robust self-oscillating design in combination with a large amount of NFB. The attention to detail includes our own universal mains power supply with power factor correction and inde-pendent supplies for analog audio and processing sections. The mains grid is decoupled by design and no power con-ditioner is needed. The design holds AntiPop relays on each analog output, a limiter and an AC-loss detection for safe operation. This ensures that not only does the MXA-8400 safeguard your speakers from noise generated through the mains power, it is itself also a gentle load to your mains power and it does not send noise to equipment connected to the same mains power grid.


With a circuitry design focused on reducing negative elements outside the NFB loop, the MXA-8400 is a very pow-erful amplifier with a linearity and overall performance not seen before in the audio world. Even when operating over its maximum specification, clipping in the output stage will be recovered in both voltage and current domains. It is immune to out-of-band noise on the input signal and insensitive to difficult speaker loads.

A fan-less design, extremely low noise floor, and extreme dynamic performance makes the MXA-8400 optimal for use with cinema installations in order to preserve the cine-matic illusion.


The MXA-8400 is, like all Lyngdorf Audio electronics, built to the highest industry standards. With no any noisy fans, the cabinet functions as heatsink for the output stage. Normal ventilation in a rack is enough. Finally, the MXA-8400 undergoes a 24 hour of burn-in. This ensures that you will not only have ultimate performance but also a product with probably the highest reliability in the industry.