World-renowned home theatre publication Widescreen Review: The Essential Home Theatre Resource, now in its 22nd year of publication, has posted a stellar review of the Lyngdorf Audio MP-50 surround sound processor and SDA-2400 stereo amplifiers. Reviewer Doug Blackburn covers the components in exquisite detail, providing a lengthy, comprehensive review of everything from the products’ styling to their state-of-the-art performance.

He begins with an overview of the MP-50, noting the processor’s contemporary Danish design and vast connectivity options before moving on to an overview of the SDA-2400 amplifiers’ sleek design, 2×400 watts of power, low weight, and low heat output, as well as their analog and digital inputs. He then zeroes in on the combo’s low noise floor and powerful sound.

“One of the first things I noticed was the noticeably quieter than usual noise floor. I’ve experienced a noise floor that low only with a few other products, primarily 5-figure processors from Datasat and Trinnov and amplifiers from Datasat. This made music and movies sound even more dramatic than usual because the room was detectably quieter than usual before the entertainment starts. Very few other products have demonstrated a noise floor this low in this room, and I’ve not experienced anything with a quieter noise floor than the MP-50/SDA-2400 combination.”

Blackburn goes on to include a rave review of RoomPerfect™, noting its unsurpassed sound integration and audio performance:

“Something is definitely working right because I’ve never heard any room correction system work as well as RoomPerfect. Especially notable is the integration of the subwoofer with each individual channel.”
“…with RoomPerfect, that feeling of seamless integration across the entire frequency spectrum was intoxicating…
I wasn’t hearing things I hadn’t heard before, but it was all better than ever before.”

The review concludes with an all-out endorsement of the Lyngdorfcomponents, especially when used in conjunction with RoomPerfect™:

“The Lyngdorf MP-50 processor and SDA-2400 amplifiers have performance that matches the best sound quality heard in my room so far. But add RoomPerfect to the equation and the Lyngdorfproducts move to the top of the pile. The largest benefit heard from RoomPerfect was an amazing top-to-bottom integration of sound. Everything seemed to be coming from a single loudspeaker capable of producing sound from any direction. It opened my eyes to a degree of improvement that I had expected might be possible, but never actually experienced before…These products are now in a class of their own.”