Steinway Lyngdorf audio systems deliver sound quality that cannot be achieved with any other combination of equipment. Their music systems are unique in being able to reproduce live performances flawlessly whilst their surround systems deliver higher quality audio reproduction than that of the finest professional systems.

Steinway Lyngdorf Technologies

Steinway Lyngdorf systems remove the noise and distortion inherent in all other audio systems thanks to their patented amplifier technology, Equibit. Equibit converts digital PCM audio to the PWM analogue signal required to drive loudspeakers, this removes the need for a pre amplifier and additional A/D converters. Results are a completely silent system that reproduces sound with nothing added or taken away.

Boundary Woofers

Faithfully reproducing bass is one of the most challenging problems in home audio. Steinway have solved this with a new category of speaker, boundary woofers. Utilised in pairs in the front corners of the room, all the sound they produce arrives at the listening position without secondary reflections.This placement combined with a linear response to over 1000Hz, delivers higher quality bass than any alternative – listen to some drumming or content with strong transients and you will clearly hear the difference.


Loudspeaker cabinets create unwanted resonances that colour sound. As the air in the cabinet is compressed and rarefied, the movement of the drive units are restricted. Steinway remove both these problems with speakers that have no cabinet. A solid billet of aluminium holds the drive units in free air which produces cleaner, faster, more open sound than is possible with traditional cabinet designs.

Room Correction

The weakest link in any audio system is the effect of the room’s acoustics. No amount of room design and treatment can remove the errors that the listening room will create. The Steinway Lyngdorf approach is yet another patented technology, RoomPerfect, the world’s most advanced room compensation system. This process is unique in preserving the characteristics of the loudspeakers in use whilst removing the acoustic errors the room creates. Designed to give optimal sound in normal, untreated rooms, RoomPerfect makes it possible to achieve the finest sound quality throughout a home each and every time.

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